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Full NameJob TitleSpeaking AtCompany/OrganizationMore Info
Lord-Emmanuel AchidagoStudentUnravelling flow dynamics using regression-based algorithms within the Upper Humber River Catchment
York University
Julianah AdedijiPhD StudentInvestigating Vegetation Effects on Soil Organic Matter Decomposability in High Arctic Ecosystems
Queen's University
Oluwabamise AfolabiPhD CandidateModelling the long-term C flux of temperate swamp under a changing climate
University of Waterloo
SHAKIL AHMEDPostdoctoral FellowChanges in wetland ecosystem services in the Canadian Prairies: impacts of wetland drainage and climate change
University of Saskatchewan
Joyson AhongshangbamDr.Surface cooling potential of wetlands across the Prairie Pothole Region of Canada.
McGill University
Rodolfo Alvarado MonteroPostdoctoral associatePotential for Integrating SWOT Observations into a Land Surface Model for Enhanced Streamflow Estimation
University of Calgary
Robiah Al WardahPhD CandidateNatural Disaster Information System (NDIS) for RPAS Mission Planning to Support Sustainable Development Goals
Queen's University
Daniel Amaro MedinaPhD StudentEnvironmental controls on evapotranspiration in the reclaimed boreal forest ecosystem: a multi-year perspective
McMaster University
Yulia AntropovaPhD StudentAnnual variability and decadal retreat of the grounding line at Milne Glacier, Ellesmere Island, Canada
Carleton University
Sarah ArianoPostdoctoral fellowUntangling Water Contributions from Storm Sewers to an Urban Watershed during Inter-Event Periods
Assessing the Resilience of River Flow Regimes across Canada
McGill University
Pierrick ARNAULTPhD candidateHow do changes in forest structure and composition influence water fluxes? Development of a dense understory layer of American beech in sugar maple dominated stands and its influence on rainfall interception
Pascal Audet(not set)Structure and serpentinization of the Cascadia forearc mantle wedge corner from receiver function modelling
University of Ottawa
David AvalosMScTowards the renewal of the national gravimetric geoid for Mexico
University of New Brunswick and INEGI-Mexico
Charlie BallantynePhD StudentAn Improved Statistical Parameterization for Precipitation Phase Partitioning Across Canada
University of Guelph
Christina BaoMSc studentAssessing changes in peatland plant functions following seismic line disturbance
University of Waterloo
Michel BaraerProfessorMountainous Aufeis Not Forming Anymore: What Does It Tell Us?
Brynle BarrettAssociate ProfessorAbsolute Quantum Gravimeters for Geophysics and Geodesy
University of New Brunswick
Majid (Ara) BayatiPhD studentFunctional Appraisal of LSTM Rainfall-Runoff Models: Evaluating Predictive Accuracy and Process Insights
The University of British Columbia
Maryam BayatvarkeshiPhD StudentModelling Water Balance in a Peatland Disturbed by Seismic Line
University of Waterloo
Danielle BeaulnePhD StudentHyperspectral data simulation for algal bloom applications in inland waters
Queen's University
Aaron BergProfessorLand Suitability Mapping of Specialty Crops in Southern Ontario: Examining the role of topographic factors
Evaluation of a high-resolution L-band-UAV-based instrument for soil moisture characterization
University of Guelph
Kelly BiagiAssistant ProfessorSourcing hydrological inputs to evaluate solute and contaminant transport in an agricultural drain
Temporal Dynamics of Soil Organic Matter Composition and Neonicotinoid Transport in Agricultural Drains
Brock University
Sandra BolanosSection Chief, Geodetic Systems and InfrastructureAn update on the Canadian Geodetic Survey's GNSS expansion project.
Collaboration in the development of Geodetic infrastructure and capacity building: some examples of its impacts and societal benefits
Natural Resources Canada
Kelly BonaDr.Estimating carbon emissions from peatland disturbance in Alberta’s oil sands region for Canada’s national greenhouse gas inventory
Christopher BoucherSeismic AnalystValidation of SeisComP location and magnitude accuracy for the National Earthquake Database of Canada
Natural Resources Canada
Alexander BraunProfessorQuantum Sensing in the Geosciences
Queen's University
Mike BremnerMr.Automatic Segmentation of Geodetic Networks to facilitate Helmert Blocking
Carleton University
Connor Brierley-GreenPHd CandidateEffect of Lithosphere Thickness and Radial Mantle Viscosity Profile on Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Crustal Motions in North America
Natural Resources Canada
Stephanie BringelandPhD StudentEvaluating long-term trends in evaporation and evapotranspiration using GRACE/GRACE-FO and meteorological assimilation datasets
Queen's University
Leah BrownMSc StudentIdentifying the drivers of springtime N2O emissions using two decades of micrometeorological and soil measurements with DNDC modeling
Queen's University
Erika BrummellMs.Navigating Iceberg Climatology: Understanding the Impacts of Iceberg Distribution on Vessels Offshore Eastern Canada"
Laboratory for Cryospheric Research
Mauro Brum Monteiro JuniorDrEffects of Drought Changes on Vegetation in Temperate and Cloud Forest Ecosystems
Samuel ButlerProfessorPore-scale mushy layer modelling
University of Saskatchean
Luana CameloMSc StudentSodium Sorption and Desorption in Riparian Soils Impacted by Road Salt Application
University of Toronto
Julia CantelonPh.D. CandidateScratching the surface: Connections between coastal flooding, erosion, and groundwater salinization on a barrier island during Hurricane Fiona
Dalhousie University
Sean CareyProfessorTombstone Waters Observatory: Unveiling hydrological and biogeochemical processes in permafrost underlain catchments
McMaster University
Henrique CarvalhoAssistant Professor of Agricultural MeteorologyWater and Radiation-Use Efficiencies of Miscanthus and Corn on Marginal Land in the Coastal Plain Region of North Carolina
University of Manitoba
Alex CebulskiPhD CandidateEffect of Wind, Hydrometeor Fall Velocity and Canopy Structure on Snow Interception in a Windswept Subalpine Environment
University of Saskatchewan
Catherine ChampagneManager of Earth ObservationA Machine Learning Approach for Estimating Drought Extend and Severity in Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Bastien CharonnatPhD candidateThe role of rock glaciers in linking glacial streamflow with deep groundwater systems
ÉTS, Université du Québec
Justin ChienPhD CandidateEffectively Distinguishing Blast and Earthquake Sources in Eastern Canada with Less Dense Seismic Station Coverage
McGill University
Michael CraymerDr.Defining and implementing a new International Great Lakes Datum
Natural Resources Canada
John CrowleyDr.Determination of Hydraulic Correctors for IGLD2020 through GNSS-linked Water Gauges on the Great Lakes
Natural Resources Canada
Salvatore CurasiResearch scientistMean annual Canadian burned area is projected to be on par with the 2023 extreme fire season at the end of the century
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Fiona DarbyshireProfessorCrustal architecture of the central and western Superior craton from receiver function analysis
Université du Québec à Montréal
Reid DauphineeStudentCharacterizing pathways of groundwater recharge and discharge in a geologically and topographically complex watershed.
Dalhousie University
Riddhi DaveResearch ScientistMapping the lithospheric architecture of Canada: New advances and application to the Superior craton
Hidden Figures: A review of representation statistics quantifying the impact of EDI trends in academia and Geosciences
Natural Resources Canada
Marissa DaviesPostdoctoral FellowLinkages between microtopographic recovery and seedling growth on seismic lines in boreal peatlands
Evaluating the impacts of fire management practices on boreal peatland carbon cycling using the Canadian Model for Peatlands
University of Waterloo
Tariq DeenPhD candidateUsing Blue and Green Water Scarcity to Quantify the Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources the McKenzie Creek, Great Lakes Basin
McMaster University
Joseph DeslogesProfessorNatural and human induced erosion rates and processes at the Cheltenham Badlands, Ontario, Canada
University of Toronto