Places to Eat

There will be a limited supply of coffee and tea available for delegates.  For lunches we encourage you to explore Calgary's downtown and support the local restaurants.  Here is a list of places nearby:

Restaurant Name (Price) (Distance from Hyatt) (Dietary)

V:Offers Vegetarian options
G: Offers Gluten free options
H: Offers Halal Options
VN: Offers Vegan Options

Modern Steak ($$$$) (54m) (V,VN, G)
Palomino Smokehouse ($$) (82m) (V, G)
Saltlik ($$$) (84m) (G)
Blue Vinny Diner ($$) (100m) (V, VN, G)
Original Joe’s ($$) (120m) (V, VN, G, H)
James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant ($$) (130m) (V, G)
Rose Garden Thai Restaurant ($$) (130m) (V, VN, G, H)
Charcut Roast House ($$$$) (140m) (G)
Bank & Baron PUB ($$) (180m) (V, VN, G, H)
A&W ($) (190m) (V,G,H,VN)
Milestones ($$) (210m) (V, VN, G, H)
Centini (Italian) ($$$$) (210m) (V, VN, G, H)
One18 Empire ($$) (230m) (V, G)
Mucho Burrito ($) (250m) (V, VN, G)
Teatro (250m) ($$$$) (V, VN, G, H)
Tim Horton’s ($) (270m) (V, VN, G)
Deville Coffee ($$) (280m)
The Guild ($$) (280m) (G)
Murietta’s West Coast Bar & Grill ($$) (280m) (V, G, H)
McDonald’s ($) (350m) (V, G)
The Unicorn ($$) (350m) (V, G)
Starbucks ($)  (450m) (V, VN, G)
Opa! Of Greece ($) (500m) (V, VN, G, H)