Welcome to Convention 2022.  We are so pleased you’re able to join us for what we hope will be a time for celebration and re-connection, re-energizing, and inspiration.

Conventions are a time for reflection. We look back at all that’s been accomplished over the last few years, and consider those things which might bear additional discussion, thinking, a pause, or a change. The last year has been a busy one for us, as we continue to stand up against the UCP and prepare for the upcoming election.

Conventions are not just about looking back. They are an opportunity to look forward, and as a group consider, “What’s next?”  We will hear from an array of speakers that will help us prepare for the upcoming election – whatever your role may be – and will discuss the important issues facing our province. We will also have training sessions throughout Convention so that you are equipped with information on what we all need to do to win the next election.

We can’t wait to see you in October.