You can participate no matter where you are in the world! There are virtual and onsite options. Feeding breeders is challenging and complex, there is lots to cover so we’ve paced the webinars a week apart to give time to reflect, find connections, and surface insights.

Join us one hour a week (June 2022 – August 2022) to connect with cutting-edge speakers and panelists. Contribute your insights and experiences! Your participation shapes the concepts that will fuel the Summit.

Can’t attend all the webinars live? Each webinar builds towards the Summit and will be recorded so you can stay current. Stay connected and informed and participate in discussion boards to keep the weekly conversation going.

The webinar series will progress through a set of related questions relevant to feeding broiler breeders. All participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the webinars, through discussion or by presenting at one of the webinars.   

Knowledge and experience shared in the webinar series will set the stage for discussion at the capstone Summit set in beautiful Canmore, Alberta (virtual at-tendance is also available).

Together global breeder researchers, students, practitioners, and producers will identify feeding issues, explore best practices, and prioritize research objectives to sustain the future of the industry.