H05 - Permafrost Hydrology and Hydrogeology Interactions
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 10, 2023, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

As climate changes continue to affect permafrost regions through changing meteorology and permafrost thaw, knowledge of permafrost hydrology and hydrogeology interactions is rising in importance as it is increasingly required to address Northern Canadian needs and issues. A relatively nascent, but growing field of research, a major gap is that no comprehensive view exists of the relationships between permafrost and hydrogeology across Canada’s permafrost landscapes. Consequently, it is difficult to extrapolate documented responses of these systems to climate change and other stressors. In order to stimulate research concerning permafrost and hydrogeological interactions in Canada, the CGU Hydrology Section’s Committee on Permafrost – Hydrogeology Interactions is inviting papers that summarize research of 1) permafrost hydrological and hydrogeological processes; 2) how these processes manifest in different permafrost landscapes; 3) how hydrology and hydrogeology regimes across different permafrost regimes respond to climate change and other stressors; and 4) the application of research to address issues caused by changing northern permafrost.

Oral talks:

1:30 - 1:45: Subsurface drainage system through a proglacial complex in an alpine catchment, Shar Ta Gà’, Yukon
Presenter(s): Bastien Charonnat, PhD candidate, Ecole de technologie supérieure, Université du Québec, Bastien CHARONNAT¹ ; Michel BARAER¹ ; Eole VALENCE² ; Jeffrey McKENZIE² ; Kaiyuan WANG² ; Janie MASSE-DUFRESNE¹, ¹ Ecole de technologie supérieure, Université du Québec, Montreal (Quebec), ² McGill University, Montreal (Quebec)

1:45 - 2:00: Spatial patterns and controls of geogenic arsenic and uranium in groundwater in the Yukon Territory: Implications of climate change
Presenter(s): Anna C Grunsky, , McMaster University, Elliott K Skierszkan (University of Saskatchewan), Grant Ferguson (University of Saskatchewan), Matthew B J Lindsay (University of Saskatchewan), Sean K Carey (McMaster University)

2:00 - 2:15: Distribution of Aufeis in Northern Canada: Recent Advances with Google Earth Engine Mapping
Presenter(s): Peter Morse, Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada, Ryan Parker, Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada.

2:15 - 2:30: The influence of climate change on permafrost and river discharge in the Mackenzie River
Presenter(s): Mohamed Elshamy, Research Scientist, University of Saskatchewan, Mohamed Abdelhamed, Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, John W. Pomeroy, Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Alain Pietroniro, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

2:30 - 2:45: Groundwater - surface water interaction in a mountainous permafrost catchment
Presenter(s): Niklas Petersen, PhD student, McGill University, Jeffrey McKenzie, McGill University, Barret Kurylyk, Dalhousie University, Jeremy Chen, Nuclear Waste Management Organization

2:45 - 3:00: Hydrogeology in Frozen Soils : the effect of soil freezing characteristic curves on modelled discharge
Presenter(s): Élise Devoie, Assistant Professor, Queen's University, Pierrick Lamontagne-Hallé2, Jeffrey McKenzie2, Audrey Woo2, 2Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University, Montréal, QC, Canada

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