Strategies to Overcome Systemic Labour Shortages in Alberta’s Tourism Industry
Date & Time
Monday, April 25, 2022, 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Melinda Choy Philip Mondor Darren Reeder

How we handle and resolve the tourism industry’s labour challenges during a time of unprecedented crisis will determine how quickly and successfully we recover. During this session we will co-create a solution  that will be our path to success and will also be the foundation to how our industry influences and is heard during next year’s highly competitive provincial election. 
Moderated by Tourism Industry Association of Alberta’s Darren Reeder, the all-star panel will feature Phil Mondor of Tourism HR Canada to set the scene and frame the issues. Melinda Choy of Canadian Immigration Connections will share her considerable on-the-ground real-world experience around what is needed for success. And Rimrock Resort Hotel’s Karli Fleury and Marriott’s Robin O'Hearn will provide insights into the challenges that have stood in their way. Together, along with the audience’s participation, the outcome of the hour together is momentum and consensus around next steps.