LED and Solar Lighting Solutions

Sanitizing Technologies (UVC & Organic Disinfectants)

Industrial Eco Friendly Floor Coating

Efficient Inc is a Western Canadian relationship focused company. Providing an eco-friendly solution to help streamline your company’s operational efficiencies. Our focus is to help you find the right solution to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint by providing solutions/implementations for; LED/Solar lighting, environmentally friendly floor coating, Cleansing/Sanitization solutions and power & energy units. With Efficient Inc. solutions you can create a sustainable and consistent reduction in emissions and operating costs while being cost-effective.

With the onset of COVID, we have added a new department - Mitigation Protocol - to focus on the sanitization and eradication of COVID and other harmful viruses, bacteria, mold and pathogens from our places of work and home, through the utilization of UVC LED lights and electrostatic fogging.

Covid Protocol Booklet for your hotel.

LED/Solar Lighting Solutions

Whether your looking to change your existing outdated, energy consuming lights, OR add new OR just improve your visibility inside and out. Efficient Inc. will provide you with a free energy audit and show you how you can use the energy savings identified, by switching to LED, to pay for your new LED lights with no out of pocket costs.

Cleansing/Sanitization Solutions

We bring you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitization and space deodorization. This easy to use, just add water, patented ClO2 generation system offers a more intelligent and environmentally sophisticated method for decontamination and has been approved by Health Canada to kill COVID-19 (DIN 024866 & 02302934). Our Electrostatic Foggers provide an easy and efficient way to disperse and maximize the coverage of the sanitizing solution. The UVC light trolleys provide maximum cleansing (including bed bugs), allowing you to turn over rooms with less wait time in between. With the extra bonus of portability and hands free. These products complete the mitigation protocol to sanitize your work/guest area in a timely and efficient manner.

Floor Coatings

Patented, award winning green floor coating, with over 25 years of proven performance in high traffic settings. Stronger than epoxy, with zero toxic orders, an A-fire rating and NSF-61 food grade certified. Lifetime coatings has 100% flexibility and will stick to concrete, metal, wood, and other surfaces. And did we mention “green”? With zero VOC’s your floor will be safe for family, friends, clients and co-workers alike.

Power Conditioners

Clean Power —or lack of it—is one of the biggest risks any business faces.

Whether the source of the electrical energy is hydro, coal, solar wind or any other technology the problem of quality remains the same. The degradation of the delivered product is caused either by inherent problems in the grid or external issues attacking the grid, either can and is having tremendous effects on the end user.

It is critical to invest in protection systems in order to mitigate the damages caused by transients. Your investment in Power conditioners products will cut annual maintenance electrical and/or electronic costs and provide the benefit of return on investment that typically ranges from 3-18 months.

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