S1. Recent occurrences of natural and induced seismicity in Canada

In recent years, the apparent number of seismic events detected in Canada, both natural and induced, has increased. Whether this is a consequence of improved monitoring, actual changes in the rates of seismicity, or alternative generation mechanisms is still being explored. Developing tools to identify, understand, and mitigate seismicity in Canada is becoming increasingly important due to the necessary increases in subsurface energy development as we move towards carbon-neutral technologies, which is placing seismicity in this area in the spotlight. We invite papers investigating seismicity in any area of Canada, whether related to natural or induced phenomena (hydraulic fracturing, geothermal, CCUS, water disposal etc.). We are particularly interested in abstracts relating to investigating individual seismic sequences, numerical modelling scenarios, laboratory simulations and novel techniques in data processing and characterization. Additionally, studies that take a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the physical conditions and mechanisms of seismicity generation in this location are particularly welcome.