CSAFM 2: Understanding past, present and future effects of climate on agriculture, forestry and water resources

This session focuses on understanding relationships between climate and land-based resource sectors such as agriculture, forestry and water in order to ensure the resiliency of these sectors. We invite contributions that expand our knowledge base on how we can use past, present and future climates to better adapt and reduce costs associated with climate change, variability and extreme events. We encourage submissions related (but not limited to) any of the following sub-themes:

1. Exploring productivity limitations under different climatic regimes.

2. Integrating climate extremes in ecosystem models.

3. Mainstreaming climate information in resource-based sectors.

4. Trend, magnitude, frequency and severity analysis of sector specific climate indices under the past, present and future climate scenarios.

5. Empirical/process-based methods for estimating climate variability impacts on ecosystems across multiple spatio-temporal scales.

6. Translating weather forecasts into useful decision support tools for natural resource managers.

7. Remote sensing applications in land surface meteorology, agriculture and forestry

Modelling or measurement-based studies from the following sciences and fields are encouraged: agriculture, forestry, remote sensing, hydrology, climatology, geography, insurance, transportation, energy, actuary and media.